• Lecture Theater – Five, with all audiovisual facilities.4-(240), 1-(350) under construction?Four lecture halls are with a seating capacity of 240 each and with 350 seating capacity. All are provided with projection facility.
  • Examination Hall 250 Seats, Auditorium 750 Seats.
  • Lecture theaters are also used for guest lectures, clinical meetings, debates and quiz contests, conferences/seminars/ workshops and cultural activities.
  • Audio amplifying system including audio mixers and speakers with cord and cordless mikes (collar & hand mikes)
  • Audio recording and playing facilities.
  • Projection facilities including motorized screens, overhead projectors, LCD projectors, DVD player and laptops for Power Point presentations.
  • Audio-Visual Facilities are available.
  • C.R facilities.

Last Updated:11:16:10 AM Nov 2,2018